To Her


On the island where Zeus was buried
I see a woman
Standing on a mountain
Flanked by lions
And goats
In each hand
A double ax
And on her back
Is a quiver of arrows
I see her disrobe
She dives into the sea
Like a meteorite
I see a naked woman
Tangled in fishing nets
Dolphins leap
In the distance
I see a willow tree
As tall as the clouds
And in her branches
She holds the moon
Like a bright fruit
Her roots drink from
Subterranean streams
That flow out to the sea
I enter the house
I walk to the hearth
I stare into the flames
I see twin serpents dance
I see youths jumping bulls
A dove coos
I turn to look
I see a woman
Poppy pods
Crown her
I see a child
Beside her
It is a boy
He holds
A flower
It is a lily
We are in
A cave now
The lily lies
On a pile
Of stones
It is a grave
I see nothing
It is dark
I can only
Hear the sea
I can only
Smell the sea
Above me



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