I Honor Zeus

Melia Suez

[Sung to the tune of “I Like a Moose.”]

When I was a newbie I worshipped just two;
I’d honor the sun and dance with the moon.
But the world seemed too rich to settle on a deuce
Now I honor the Greek Gods, including Lord Zeus


Zeus, Zeus, I honor Zeus
I’ve never know a god quite like Lord Zeus
I’ve honored many gods, I’ve been quite diffuse
But there is not another god quite like Lord Zeus.


I’ve found many gods that were attractive to me.
An’ with a few of them, I will always agree,
But there is only one whose given me the goose.
I sure hope Hera is not readying my noose.


I’ve honored the Gods of the whole Celtic race
I’d honor them still if I could get to their place.
I’ve honored the two, the many and the one
But only with Lord Zeus have I had so much fun.


Whenever I feels I’m in need of relief,
I goes to my altar and calls on the chief.
I take out the cookies and pass them around
‘Cos Lord Zeus always comes when there’s sweets to be found


Many other gods seem distant or hidden,
Narrow, specialized or just beyond my ken.
Domestic and wild, in the Heavens or down low
The almighty Zeus is there wherever I go

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