A Hymn to Night

by Lykeia

Fair limbed Muses I beg you to join in another song,
To sing of ancient dark- tressed Night, entreating earthly slumber.
For there Apollon is in the distance, his light growing faint,
He departs the heavens, in the fading light of the golden wheel.
Hail Apollon, may you greet us again upon the dawn!

But night is not without its light, and Selene rises into heaven’s arch,
Lily faced daughter of Hyperion, Arise! Arise!
Your far-stretching wings bear you from Ocean’s arms
Tarry not to long with your dear Endymion, to kiss his slumbering face,
Nor hasten your way too swfity to reach his hidden cave.

Aloft does Eros wingedly rise, to seek out the darkened bower,
Delivering the whim of Aphrodite into the breast of mankind.
Handmaiden, dark crowned Hekate, drops her midnight mantle,
To conceal the loving arts that the golden-armed delivers from the bow.
And flower-faced Aphrodite reclines upon her silken bed.

Bright traveling Hermes, departs with rod in hand,
See him winging through the heavens, the first star of night.
Psychopompous descending to the world of the dead,
Hypnos and Thanatos with open arms in his wake.
Beloved sons of Nyx traveling in her wide reaching embrace.

Thanatos struck down the wailing women in Hekate’s train,
And now forever they follow the wild lead of the ever hunting goddess.
The dogs bark and howl, inspiring terror and dread,
And beneath her feet the slumbering earth shakes and moans.
Hail Hekate, daughter of stars, shining one of sky, earth and sea.

Veiled Nyx walks across the earth and sky, words falling from her lips,
The beat of life is her song, the great void of darkness her womb.
Where she walks she caresses all in her far-spanning embrace,
And too there hides hunting beasts, fanged and clawed.
Hail blessed Nyx, wrap us safely in your downy arms.

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