All begins with Hestia; all returns to Hestia

by Astalon

Oh Hestia who tends the holy flame of Olympus high, oh hear me Hestia
who dwells within the home of man, oh praise to you Hestia who tends
to the holy flames in the house of Apollo. Hear me most worthy one,
for to you I shall now speak words of praise.

Oh Virgin one, all beings both in Heaven and Earth begins first with
you and returns to you.

Oh gentle Olympian, You tend the Holy Flame in the glorious height of
Olympus whereupon all the Gods dwell. In you the Gods unite,
surrounding your Holy Flame that illuminates Olympus’s mighty Hall.
From there the Gods depart, arching across the Universe to tend to
the necessity of the cosmos and to the cry of sentient beings
throughout the recesses Universe. Eventually the Gods will return
once again, to stand around thy Holy Flame that truly makes Olympus
the Lamp of Heaven.

Oh Lady who dwells among man. Oh Queen who stays in every home and
hearth. Oh Goddess who resides in the innermost part of the home, be
it the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. Every morning
families gather in thy sacred sanctuary, to cook and eat, to chat and
discuss their work before leaving out to work. Every evening the
families return, to once again cook, eat, chat and relax and be a
family in thy kitchen, dining room and living room which is the
hearth. So humans begin their day with you, and return at the end o
the day to you.

Oh Goddess most pure, oh Goddess most benevolent, please continue to
bless, please persist in looking favorably upon us. Continue to give
us the blessings of our home and hearth so that we may start our day
with it and return to it at the end of the day.

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