Todd Jackson

In Your Honor

To spirit, be spirit! Unconfused of the heart.
Each whispers, and each a different whispering.
In this, that God remain God to me
And not my own mere conscience, bounced back
As though a shouting off rock walls,
That I am curbed, not boundless,
And might therefore be Here.
And being Here, that I might Be.
You are Other. Another. Free
In a few clean strides, as a rolling bright vortex in space itself, yes, as a hurricane seen from orbit,
And in your apprehension of all that is, and of all that is to come. Free
Of the very corpus of the dead by which I learned your
Name. Free
Of the human soul, of all our hopes, yes! and of our prayers.
It is in your freedom that you are
Dread, and wondrous.


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