Who Are You, Ares?

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Who are You, Ares?

The mighty wall-scaler

Who lays waste to cities

Boisterous and Bloody


Who are You, Ares?

Noble Ares the city-defender

Who repels the enemy at the gates

Courageous and just


Who are You, Ares?

A confusing dichotomy

The God on both sides

Supporter of both armies


Who are You, Ares?

God of the civil order

Inspirer of civil unrest

From whence came this contradiction?


Who are You, Ares?

Just a violent, brutish war-monger?

Laughter-loving Aphrodite loves You,

So there must be something more.


Who are You, Ares?

Father of Deimos and Phobos, twins of Fear and Panic

But also of Harmony,

Born from the union of Love and War


Who are You, Ares?

You still strike fear in my heart

What am I missing?

What is it I do not see?


Who are You, Ares?

A God of conflict in all forms

From whence change is born

The genesis of revolutions.


I know You now, Ares

I recognize your gifts

Conflict is neither good nor evil –

Our responses define the outcome.


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