Pan’s Mistake

P Sufenas Virius Lupus

With Daphnis his love he’d indulge
while the syrinx’s skill he’d divulge;
when boy was blinded
by nymph, reminded
was Pan of his passionate bulge.

Hermaphroditos was surprise
to the goat-god’s sex-addled eyes,
with breasts of Venus
but the male genus
Pan fled from those exquisite thighs.

With Herakles Pan, mistaken,
panicked, consumed with fear, shaken;
in Omphale’s dress
Pan’s plans were a mess
when hero’s arse wasn’t taken.

It seems very petty to gloat
(for one who’s not horny like goat)
with Pan — too willing
in lusts’ fulfilling —
if love’s just known in what I wrote.

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