Poems for Hestia

by Rebecca Buchanan


I praise Hestia,
Domestic priestess
Mediatrix of sacrifice
Bestower of wealth.
I praise Hestia,
Dispeller of the night
Guardian of hearth law
Protectrix of the home.
Hestia, be with us.
after Rig Veda

Hestia Hearth of Creation

Hearth of Creation
Central flame ‘round which the universe revolves
Heart of the home
Veiled in fire.

Blessings of Hestia

Fire blessings in the night.
You cook the raw
Heat the frozen
Warm the home
Robed in flame and light and smoke.
Who burns at the center of creation.
after Z. Budapest


By You, Immortals know the sweet of sacrifice;
To You, mortals offer the first sweet of the vine
First daughter of creation.

Hestia Burning One

For She is the ruler of sacrifices
Eternal guardian of hearth law
Burning One

Prayer to Hestia

Warm Heart
Warm Hearth
Harmony and Comfort:
Bless this place with Your presence,
Bless my heart and my hearth with Your peace

Another for Hestia

Queen of Sanctity
Who burns as the hearth
at Creation’s core
at Earth’s core
at Earth’s heart
— Delphi

We salute you
Burning Goddess
Whose fires make sacred
the altars and their offerings
(after Aristonoos)

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