Hymn to Persephone


Hail to you, venerable goddess
Vernal Queen whom the seasons attend
Vibrant life giving daughter of Demeter
Sole light in the Underworld
The living and the dead pay homage to you
Blessed goddess, you alone rule life and death
By your will we live, and by your will we die
Mistress pure, Mistress divine
Hear the plea of one who seeks to find you
Cast off thy veil of mist and raise your torch on high
I have come among the hours that attend you
Answering your call
Though the ancient ways have been forgotten
Let me draw nigh to learn your mysteries
I pray All-ruling Queen, that you will smile upon me
Hold by thy furies that I may draw near
Reveal to me why I have been summoned to your service
Almighty One of the depths and of the earth
To my life oh please incline
Thy blessed gifts of health and peace
Abundance sweet and strife far distant
If I may know your love in life
Then I shall answer your call at death
With a smile
Singing your praises so they ring through out
The blissful plains.

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