As the Doves and Sparrows Command

Miguel Oliveira

Aphrodite, Smiling Goddess,
Yours is the pleasure unspeakable,
A taste that fades the taste of honey,
A sound that fades the sound of birds,
A touch warmer and gentler than any,
A smell of a thousand perfumes
And a sight, oh the sight!,
No man or God can stand to the sight
Of your divine body!

Only you among the immortals
Can blind the wisest of all
With the mere sight of your beauty:
You hair flows gracefully
Gently stroking your perfect skin
As you descend upon our world
In a chariot of doves and gold
And again cast your web.

No man or woman is free from your power
And you rejoice in love and sex alike.
No person can deny you and stand,
For with merely your smile
You cast us in an eternal frenzy
Of worship, pleasure, sex and love.

And I cannot help but join your worshipers
As the doves and sparrows command,
For I am no fool to deny your power
Nor would I willingly deny your gifts!


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