NA hekateBlessing:  
Hekate is a guide and a guardian. She protects those who call upon her, especially from murder, magic, theft, the dangers of childbirth, and the hardships of life on the road. She is also a mediating figure, who intercedes on our behalf with the other Gods.

  Antania (Enemy of mankind), Enodia (of the Roads), Kleidouchos (Keeper of the Keys), Khthonia (Underworld), Krataiis (Strong One), Kurotrophos (Protector of Children), Monogenes (Only Child), Phosphoros (the light-bringer), Propylaia (the Guardian), Soteira (Saviour), Trevia (of Three Ways), Tricephalus (The Three-Headed), Aidônaia (Lady of the Underworld), Anassa eneroi (Queen of those Below), Angelos (Messenger), Antaia (the One in Front), Atalos (Tender, Delicate), Brimo (Angry One), Dadophoros (Torch bearer), Despoina (Lady), Epiphanestate Thea (Most Manifest Goddess), Kleidophoros (Key Bearer), Koure mounogenes (Only Begotten Maiden), Liparokrêdemnos (Bright-coiffed, With Bright Headband), Megiste (Greatest), Nyktipolos (Night Wandering), Perseis (Destroyer), Propolos (Guide), Skylakagetis (Leader of the Dogs), Trimorphis (Three Formed, Three Bodied), Trioditis (Of the Crossroads), Zerynthia (Of Mt Zerynthia)

Equated with:  
Heqat, Nephthys, Anubis, Isis, Persephone

  torches, keys, rope, knife, dogs, owls, crows, snakes, frogs, yew, cypress, hazel, black poplar, willow, black dogs, black bulls, black lambs, myrrh, civet, camphor, aloe, menstrual blood, red mullet, bread, eggs, cheese, honey

Eleusinia (Gorpiaios 15)
Hekate’s Deipnon (last day of each lunar month)
Noumenia (1st of each lunar month)
Festival of the Valley (7 Payni)

Ways to honor:
Study magic and prophecy, particularly theurgy, as she is the patron of that art. Go for walks at night, or among strange places. Aid fellow travelers and strangers, especially if they have dogs. (Or are wild dogs!) Appreciate the weird and uncanny.

See also Bearing Torches, a devotional anthology in honor of Hekate from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Ancient Hymns and Poetry
Hesiodic Hymn
Homeric Hymn
Orphic Hymn

Modern Hymns and Poetry
Hymn to Hekate by Lykeia
Lady of the Hounds by Diotima Sophia
Saffron Robed 
by Diotima Sophia
Daughter of Night 
by Todd Jackson
Long Beach, Hekate by Todd Jackson
A Hymn to Night by Lykeia
To Hekate Trimorphis 
by Lykeia
Traveler’s Prayers 
by Rebecca Buchanan
Hymn to Hermes and Hekate by Rebecca Buchanan
Silent Night by Allyson Sbazo
Poems for Hekate by Rebecca Buchanan
Hekate Hymn
 by Melia Suez
Hekate’s Herds
 by Phillupus
Hekate Found by Lupercus Pagani
To Hekate, for Wealth by Rebecca Buchanan
Lady of Hounds by Amanda Aremisia Forrester
To Hekate
 by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hekate – the Dark Goddess? by Diotima Sophia
Transitions: The Syncreticism of Hekate and Heket by Lykeia
On the Modern Practices and Perceptions in the Worship of Hekate by Lykeia

Theoi.com entry on Hekate
Wikipedia entry on Hecate
Hekate FAQ
Hekate in early Greek religion
Hekate the Dark Goddess

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