The Phillupic Hymns

By P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Price: $20.00
Publication Date: September 2008
Place of Publication: Eugene, Oregon
ISBN: 1440408181 / 9781440408182
Pages: 294 pp
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5″x8.5″

The Phillupic Hymns is a collection of poetry, prose, and translations devoted to the gods and goddesses of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and ancient Celtic Gaul and Britain. Its themes are diverse, from theology to narrative to ritual rubric; sex to syncretism to star-lore; prayers to praise-hymns to holy-days; divinity to death to … dogs!

About the author: P. Sufenas Virius Lupus is the Doctor, mystagogue, and functioning priest of the Ekklesía Antínoou — a queer, Graeco-Roman-Egyptian syncretist reconstructionist polytheist group dedicated to the god Antinous, the deified lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian — as well as a contributing member of Neos Alexandria. When not involved in the things mentioned above, Phillupus is occupied with the overwhelming concerns of the everyday world, which are nowhere near as interesting or as important…

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Table of Contents

Preface by Sannion


1. To the Muses
2. Obelisk of Antinous
3. Wepwawet
4. Seshat
5. Bast
6. Sekhmet
7. Nefertem’s Flowers
8. Set’s Lament
9. Hapi
10. The Loves of Sobek
11. Bes’ Shrine Song
12. To Hathor
13. Coming Forth By Day
14. Anoukis
15. The Forms of Thoth
16. No Star for Anubis
17. Aretalogia Antinoi
18. Inscription on the Colossus of Memnon by Julia Balbilla
19. The Tebtynis Papyrus
20. Hermanubis and the Fire
21. Harpokrates
22. Triad for Serapis
23. Ianus
24. Roma Aeterna
25. Acknowledgement of Vesta
26. Venus Felix
27. Lupercalia
28. Testamentum Sufenatis
29. Epithalamia for Mars and Bellona
30. Neptune
31. Faunus
32. Quirinus
33. Romulus
34. Acca Larentina
35. Three Silvanus Inscriptions
36. The Tryst of Silvanus and Civitas
37. Ceres
38. Libera
39. Tellus
40. Natalis Dianae
41. Vertumnus
42. Disciplina’s Tragedy
43. Abundantia
44. Victoria
45. Numen Augusti
46. Maia
47. Hermes Propylaios
48. The Erotes
49. Hekate’s Herds
50. Dionysos and Hermes
51. Nemesis
52. Zeus
53. Cybele
54. The Account of Hermaphroditos
55. Hermekate’s Moment
56. Selene
57. Endymion
58. Hypnos
59. Artemis and Lykastos
60. Persephone
61. Epithalamia for Adonis
62. The Appearance of Ereshkigal in Egypt
63. Anat’s Marriage
64. The Deeds of Astarte
65. Abraxas
66. Spell of Iao Sabaoth
67. Agathos Daimon
68. Excerpts from Dionysius of Alexandria’s Periegete
69. Alexander and Hephaistion’s Wedding at Susa
70. Historia Venationis Apri Hadriani Augusti et Antinoi Pueri Aeterni Magistris Equi
71.  Vox Venari
72. Scéla Ióbhi 7 Mairt 7 Ápaill 7 Óis
73. Matres
74. Nehalennia
75. Epona
76. Cathubodua
77. Lugus
78. Belenus
79. Dianae Celticae
80. Ogmios
81. Esus
82. Taranis
83. Teutates
84. Coventina
85. Britannia
86. Isis on the Thames
87. Cocidius
88. Nodons
89. Andrasta
90. Brigantia
91. Senua
92. Sulis
93. Maponus
94. Cunomaglus
95. Abandinus
96. Tribus Lamiae
97. De Excidio Templi Antenocitici Conderci Virii Lupi Gubernatoris Britanniae
98. The Temples of Antinous by Aelius Caesar
99. Ganymede
100. Ariadne
101. Eunostos
102. Palaimon
103. Aristaios
104. Herodes Attikos and Polydeukion
105. Arrian of Nikomedia’s Periplus Ponti Euxini
106. Achilleus and Patroklos
107. Helen
108. The Dioskouroi
109. Hephaistos’ Hammer
110. Herakles’ Song for Hylas
111. Apollon Lykeios
112. Dionysos’ Sorrow
113. Pan’s Mistakes
114. Hadrian’s Thespiae Inscription
115. Megala Antinoeia
116. Antinous Kynegetikos
117. Antinous Musegetikos
118. Antinous Agonodikes
119. Prayer Against Persecution
120. Dies Julii Hadriani
121. Laudatio Sabinae
122. Ave Ave Antinoe
123. The Citharoedic Hymn of Curium
124. Antinous Neos Hermes
125. Hadrian and Antinous
126. Foundation
127. Altercatio Hadriani Augusti et Epicteti Philosophi
128. Hadrian’s Elegy for Borysthenes
129. Kynologia
130. Three Rhetorics
Index of First Lines
Index of Names


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