Hermes values wit and daring, dependability and promptness. He despises tediousness and idleness, and when he sees this setting in, will shake things up, just to see what happens. He aids thieves, magicians, messengers, gamblers, and public speakers.

  Aglaos (Splendid), Agoraios (Of the Market Place), Aipytos (Of Aipytos), Akakesios (Of Akakesion), Angelos (Messenger), Agreiphontes (Argus-Slaying), Bouphonos (Slayer of Oxen), Dioktoros (Messenger), Dolios (Crafty One), Enagonios (Of the Games), Enodios (of the Road), Epimelios (Keeper of the flocks), Eriounios (Luck-Bringer), Euangelos (Bringer of Glad Tidings), Euskopos (Watchful), Gumnasiarkhos (Leader of the Gymnasium), Hermeneutes (Interpreter), Kerdoos (the Gainful), Kerukes (Herald), Kharmophron (Heart-Delighting), Khthonios (of the Earth), Khrysorrhapis (Of the Golden Wand), Klepsiphron (Deceiver), Kourotrophos (Protector of Youth), Kranaios, (?), Krateros (Mighty), Kriophoros (Ram-Bearer), Kullenios (Of Mount Kyllene), Logios (of Speech), Maiados Huios (Son of Maia), Mekhaniotes (Trickster), Nomios (Protector of Flocks), Oiopolos (Shepherd), Pantokrator (Ruler of the World), Pheletes (Thief), Poikilometes (Full of Various Wiles), Poneomenos (Busy One), Promakhos (Champion), Propulaios (Before the Gates), Psukhopompos (Conveyer of Souls), Takhus (Swift), Tetragonos (Square), Trikephalos (Of the Three Ways/Heads), Trismegestos (Thrice-Greatest), Tukhon (Bringer of Luck)

Equated with:  
Mercury, Anubis, Thoth

  caduceus, winged boots, a cap, 4, ram, boar, frankincense, storax, mastic, white sandal, mace, moly, nettles, asafoetida, ginger, opal, mercury, marjolane

Anelisseia (August 6)
Boukoklepteia (4 Daisios)
Hermaia Eriounia (4 Audçnaios)
Hermaia Propulaia (4 Dios)
Khutroi (13 Dystros)
Kriophoria (March 20)
Noumenia (1st of each lunar month)
Festival of the Valley (7 Payni)

Ways to honor:  
Be cunning and daring. Work smarter, not harder. Study divination and magic – both of the sacred and the stage variety. Gamble. Travel, especially if you find yourself in a rut. If you drop change, leave it. If you find some, pick it up and thank Hermes for the gift. Always deliver messages entrusted to you, especially those to and from the dying. Sit with a dying friend or relative. Be their guide to the next world.  Give aid to the homeless, stray animals and travelers.

Hermopolis (Khemenu), 
Hermopolis (Weprehwy), 
Hermopolis Parva (Dimanhoru), 
Hermopolite Nome

See also Guardian of the Road, a devotional anthology in honor of Hermes from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Ancient Hymns
The complete 4th Homeric Hymn to Hermes (582 lines) can be found here.
Homeric Hymn 18 to Hermes
Homeric Hymn 29 to Hestia (and Hermes)
Orphic Hymn 28 to Hermes
Orphic Hymn 57 to Chthonian Hermes

Ancient texts
Miscellaneous Quotes
Individual swears by Hermes Trismegestos
Hermes and babboon
Hermes lives in the moon
Festival of Hermes
Hermes dices with the moon
Multiple Mercuries
Hermes becomes an ibis in Egypt
The sacred books of Hermes
Hermes invents language
Hermes patron of literature
Hermes helped fight the enemies of Isis and Osiris
Hermes becomes a god
Hermes invoked in magical spell
Hermes and Hekate equated
Hermes and Anubis equated
Hermes made his lyre out of the sinews of Typhon
Hermes’ role in the battle of Horus and Typhon
Isis the daughter of Hermes
The Letters of Hermes and Isis
Hermes and Aphrodite mate in Egypt

Modern hymns and poetry
For Hermes by Heather Cox
Mercurial God and Hermes Alights by Diotima Sophia
by Ariana Dawnhawk
Hermes Poem by Ariana Dawnhawk
Hermes Thank You by Ariana Dawnhawk
Hermes Prayer by Theokleia
To Hermes 
by J.L. Robins
To the Shaker
 by Miguel Oliveira
To Hermes Psychopompos by Lykeia
Traveler’s Prayer and a poem by Rebecca Buchanan
Hymn to Hermes and Hekate by Rebecca Buchanan
Hermes by Blue
To Hermes At the Crossroads of Earth and Sky by Ari
All Praise to Hermes by Ari
Jackrabbit by Rebecca Buchanan
Prayer to Hermes by Knyt
To Hermes by Jennifer Lawrence
Hermes Propylaios by Phillupus
To Hermes by Jeremy J. Bear aka “Ursus”
To Hermes II by Jeremy J. Bear aka “Ursus”
Dionysos and Hermes 
by Phillupus
To Hermes of the Computer by Erik Dutton
Hymn of Hermes 
by Jim Wise (aka Calamus)
Hermes Truant 
by Jim Wise (aka Calamus)
To Hermes by Lykeia
For Hermes by Melia Suez
Hermes, Keeper of Sleep and Dreams by Melia Suez
The Insomniac’s Prayer by Amanda Aremisia Forrester
Hermes Among Us by Amanda Aremisia Forrester
Hymn to Hermes V by Rebecca Buchanan
Short Poems, Prayers for Hermes by Rebecca Buchanan
Forty-four Adorations of Hermes by Rebecca Buchanan

Hermes and Mercury by Jeremy J. Baer

Hermes in Greek mythology entry for Hermes
Wikipedia entry on Hermes
Wildivine entry for Hermes
Temple of Hermes

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