Hymn to Bast


Hail Lady of the East
Be Welcome in peace, Daughter of Ra
Strong One who guards this house
Beautiful One who brings joy
Radiant One who gives abundant life to the faithful
Lady of Perfume
Your scent is the most intoxicating of all
I come to you with joy and laughter
Offering all the things in which you delight in
That you may always smile upon me
Your claws reserved for my enemies
Homage to you sweet Bast
Strong One who guards me
Beautiful One who teaches me to find joy in life
Radiant One who gives my life more meaning
I dance with all my being to honor you
I take joy in the great and small things to honor you
I protect all I hold dear to honor you
Because of you Beautiful and Radiant One
I have learned to surrender to joy
To accept it whenever it comes in whatever form
Because of you, Strong Protectress of the Two Lands
I have learned to be unyielding and strong
To recognize what I value most and to protect it at all costs
May you always be with me
Be welcome in peace always


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