Lions of Kybele-Rhea

Melia Suez

Attendants and guards
Create a din to protect
Her child in his cradle.
The father has his revenge.
The son lightens their burden
Lords of all beasts.

Freshly wed lovers
Become one in her shrine
Knocking statues askew.
Angry, the Mother punishes.
Form reflecting nature
Then yoked to her chariot

Foster-son goes hunting
At such a tender age
Dragging back a roaring gift
For his adored mountain mom
Who laughed and lauded
Such manly feats of caring

Priest-lover rides
In the lion-yoked chariot
Delivers a message to him
“a herd of Indian lions
As a victory token”
Requests the foster-mother

Mother of the Gods
Avenging Lady
Mountain Mother
Breeder of Beasts
Taming the wild
Wilding the tame



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