Weekly Neos Alexandria Ritual Version 2

Ariana Dawnhawk

This ritual is meant to be able to be integrated into a weekly schedule, and non-intimidating to start doing.  The practitioner may also add to it if they would like.  It is not a reconstructed ritual, although incense was a common offering to Greek and Roman deities.

* Bowl of clean water (could be khernips or have salt and baking soda – modern natron – in it)
* Incense (Loose incense on charcoal if there’s time for it to burn out afterwards, or sticks or cones.)
* Altar/ Offering space/Ritual area
* Offerings (optional/as needed)
* Images of deities (optional)

If you have time, take a shower or bath.  If not, wash your face and hands.  You can also rinse out your mouth with natron or brush your teeth.  As you prepare your body for ritual, calm and gather your thoughts as well.

Take the bowl of water and go to your ritual area. Sprinkle the water around to purify it.  When you finish, say, “Even at the ends of the earth, you are here, great gods.”  (This is a variation of an invocation from NA member P. Sufenas Virius Lupus.)

Light the incense and say a prayer offering it to the gods.  You could use Sannion’s formula: “To all the gods of Greece, Egypt, Rome, and the Levant who watch over and protect the most holy city of Alexandria and all who call it their spiritual home”, or something you wrote yourself, or something you come up with on the spot.

If there are deities you are close to or wish to become close to, you can offer to them as well.  Also, you could honor the spirits of the place you live, or a place that you have a relationship with.

Thank the gods and spirits for their blessings, in general or if you have any specific ones in mind.

Now offer prayers for the citizens of Neos Alexandria, in general or any specific requests that have come up that week.

Listen for the gods and spirits.

When you and They seem ready, thank Them, and close the ritual as you see fit.

Things You Could Do the Rest of the Week:

* Listen and look for the gods’ presences.
* Get to know local spirits.
* Discuss and fellowship on the list.
* Make time for other practices.
* Help someone – or yourself.


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