Orphic Hymn LXXVI (To the Muses)

To the Mousai, Fumigation from Frankincense. Daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, loud-sounding, and divine, renowned, Mousai Pierides, sweetly speaking Nine;

to those whose breasts your sacred furies fire, much formed, the objects of supreme desire.

Sources of blameless virtue to mankind, who form to excellence the youthful mind:

who nurse the soul, and give her to descry the paths of right with reason’s steady eye.

Commanding queens, who lead to sacred light the intellect refined from error’s night;

and to mankind each holy rite disclose, for mystic knowledge from your nature flows.

Kleio, and Erato who charms the sight, with thee, Euterpe, ministering delight:

Thalia flourishing, Polymnia famed, Melpomene from skill in music named:

Terpsikhore, Ourania heavenly bright, with thee who gavest me to behold the light.

Come, venerable, various powers divine, with favouring aspect on your mystics shine;

bring glorious, ardent , lovely, famed desire, and warm my bosom with your sacred fire.


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