Aphrodite’s Gifts

Melia Suez

Your gift to man is love.
Not only Romantic love
But also between kin.
There is maternal and paternal love.
Love of nature.
Love born of friendship.
Love of one’s fellow man.
Love of pets,
Love of one’s homeland,
And love of self.

Your gift to man is beauty.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
It is subjective and can be found
In the exotic and in the mundane.
It can be found with laughter
And with tears.
It can be internal or external.
Beauty can build one up or
Tear one down.

Your gift to man is strife.
Strife born of jealousy.
Strife born of desire.
From envy that turns one green
To despair all covered in black
To chaotic lustful impulses.
You upset the status quo
To force man to grow.

Your gift to man is sex.
Sex with a loved one.
Sex with a stranger.
Whether done alone or
or within a group.
Painful or kinky or vanilla.
With male or female partners.

Your gift to man is anger.
Anger born of righteousness.
Anger born of indignation.
From vision clearing
To seeing nothing but red
As it shows a depth of feeling.

Your gifts to man are many
They bring pleasure,
They bring pain.
They let us know we are alive.

Golden Lady, Heavenly One, Mother of All
I hail thee lovely Aphrodite
I thank thee for thy gifts.

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