Hermes Among Us

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hermes walks among us
In dust-covered human guise
The God of Travelers
Seemingly ordinary
Some may never spare Him a second glance
A baseball cap covers His eerie green eyes
Mischief sparkles in those pools
Deep and hard as emerald shine

Hermes rides the subway
Beneath New York City streets
Do the riders see His emerald eyes
Watching them over the newspaper?

Hermes commutes to work
On trains, in cars
He’s with us all.
He’s the stranger in the next car
The person in airplane seat ahead of you
You may recognize Him in a fellow travelers eyes
Or you may never see His face

Be mindful of your actions
The way you treat your peers
Give a friendly nod as you cross the street
To the man crossing the other way
You will never know if he is just a man
Or the Companion of Man.
Hermes walks among us –
Treat us with respect.

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