Heliogenna (Two Day Version)

Cara Schulz

I originally celebrated this as the three day festival, but it would work much better as a two day Festival.  I have made changes to the original that Hector Lugo presented.  Much gratitude to Hector for creating the  festival outline, prayers, etc.

DAY 1: Day Before the Solstice
Day of Gratitude
Gods honored: Helios, Selene, Eos
Celebrate from morning until the sun starts to set

I liked that Hector called one of the Sunset days a Day of Gratitude. Very fitting thing to do as you look back over the previous year and what it has brought you. A time to Honor the Celestial Gods.

I filled the small urn under the copper icon I have of Helios with sand from the beach. In the afternoon, light the candles, burn incense, say a prayer or two and make an offering/pour a libation in honor of Helios, Selene, Eos.   Take the time to reflect on how wonderful your life is and how lucky you are.  Thank the Gods for their help and blessings.

Have a nice lunch with my family or friends, setting aside some of the food for offerings.  After that you could make the decorations to put on a tree…dried orange slices make great solar decorations.   Wait to decorate the tree and light it the next morning, Solstice morning.

Offering and Libations:
Blessed Children of the light
We welcome you this day.
Bright Helios traveling fair
Graceful Selene ever moving after you
Eos, opening the gates, heralding your arrival.

Libation to Hestia:
Lady of the Hearth,
Keeper of the sacred flames of Olympus
Enter this home and be welcome

Libations To Helios, Selene, and Eos:
Helios – thank you for your life giving power this year. Thank you
for your vigilance and your light.
Selene – you are the light in the darkness and the reminder that the
night is as full of possibility as the day, but we have to look
Eos – you are the Beauty that is in the newness of all things.

Libation to Hestia:
Lady of the hearth,
Keeper of the sacred flame of Olympus
Grant all who gather around this hearth your blessings.

Helios, Please accept my offerings of …
thank you for your blessings of…this year.

AFTER SUNSET, Evening before the Solstice
The Night

Remembrance, endings, transition – Helios descends to the House of Persephone to be reborn.  Somber.
Gods honored – Hades, Persephone, Hekate, Hermes

While watching the Sun set, pour libations to Persephone, Hades, Hermes, and Hekate. –  burn offerings of incense at the altar and burn all of last year’s Heliogenna decorations in the hearth: all the of the dried orange slice tree ornaments, the clove studded orange pomander, the tree topper.  After these are burned, the fire is allowed to burn out.

Offerings and Libations:
Persephone: Queen of the Dead, fruit of earth and sky
Bride of Mighty Hades, dwelling in the lands below.
Keeper of secrets, wise and compassionate, giver of hope in

Hades: King of the dead, son of Kronos the vanquished,
Husband of Persephone, dwelling in the underground palace.
Keeper of secrets, dark and unseen, giver of riches from below.

Hermes and Hekate: You who light my way
and guide my footsteps at every crosroads.
You who will lead me
when I make the final journey

Hades and Persephone:  Please accept these offering of …. Receive
Helios with love and send him back as the Young God with the year

The hearth ashes are swept up.  Candles are blown out and the stubs are thrown away.  The evening is silent after prayers.  No more food
is consumed.

DAY 2, Solstice Morning
The sun rises victorious and glorious into the heavens and with it,
the hopes of man.
Gods honored – Helios and the Protogonoi

Wake up early and watch the Sun rise.  As it rises, light candles and hold them while singing hymns of joy, modern or ancient, to
Helios.  Pour libations.  Ring bells.  This is a truly happy, joyous occasion!

If you wish, decorate your tree with the new dried orange slice decorations, put the Sun-In-Glory tree topper on and turn the lights on.  Light a warm, toasty fire in your hearth.  Wish one another well while making toasts and pour libations onto the fire.   Make a huge breakfast feast, setting aside a portion for offering.  Open gifts to celebrate the New Solar year.  In the afternoon, stud an orange with cloves to make a Pomander and hang it up for the year, asking for Helios’ blessing that you and your family may flourish in the upcoming year.

Some pictures:

Dried Orange Tree Ornament


Wreath with Pomander

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