A Prayer to Sobek On His Festival Day

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

O scaly Sobek, fearsome son of Neith
Hunter of the Nile, of the marshy places
Through murky waters You glide
Silently You wait
Painetly You wait
But when Your prey rears, oh!
How quickly You strike
Your gleaming teeth flashing
Biting, ripping, tearing
Then when You are sated
Quickly as You came You glide back into the waters
Sinking to the Nile’s depths.
All demons and evil things flee before You,
For nothing is scarier than You!

O Primal One, Father of Crocodiles,
I pray to You on this, Your festival day
Help me, venerable son of Neith, to conquer the fear within me
When fear rolls over me like a wave,
Causing sweat to pour like rain
When anxiety grips my heart,
causing it to beat faster than the gazelle’s hoof-beats as she flees from You
When panic quickens my breath
Till my chest heaves and my vision clouds over
Stand beside me then, O Sobek,
Fight with me to expel the demons of panic and self-doubt
Guardian of the Nile, Great son of Neith
Drive my fears before me, expose their true weakness,
So I may break their hold over me
This I pray, Great Sobek

1 Response to A Prayer to Sobek On His Festival Day

  1. ibgreenie3 says:

    The Great God Sobek is often ignored or overlooked. He is my strength when I have to lift heavy objects, like my husband’s wheelchair. Or push him in the Va hospital. I ask him to give me his strong arms, his endurance when the days are long & hard.
    Thank you for this well crafted prayer, to the crocodile God Sobek, son of Neith. May He be remembered by those who have forgotten him. And rediscovered by new Egyptian Pagans, as the strong God that He is.

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