Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Ptolemy Soter, the first Makedonian ruler of Egypt, established the library at Alexandria to collect all of the world’s learning in a single place. His scholars compiled definitive editions of the Classics, translated important foreign texts into Greek, and made monumental strides in science, mathematics, philosophy and literature. By some accounts over a million scrolls were housed in the famed library. Though it has long since perished due to the ravages of war, fire, and human ignorance, the image of this great institution has remained a powerful inspiration down through the centuries.

To help promote the revival of traditional polytheistic religions we have launched a series of books dedicated to the Gods of Greece, Egypt, and the surrounding region. Each volume contains essays, poetry, devotional material, original artwork, short fiction, and other works focused on a particular divinity or group of divinities. These anthologies are a collaborative effort drawing on the combined resources of the different elements within the modern Hellenic and Kemetic polytheist communities, and the larger Pagan community, in the hope that we can come together to praise our Gods and share our diverse understandings, experiences and approaches to the divine. All of the proceeds for these books go to help promote the worship of the Gods of Greece and Egypt, either by being used to bring out further volumes or through donation to charitable causes in the name of the Gods.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Incorporated is a federally-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.

In addition to the anthologies, Bibliotheca Alexandrina also publishes important new works by contemporary Hellenic and Kemetic polytheist authors covering diverse topics such as theology, ethics, history, and the modern forms of worship used to honor the Gods.

Current Titles

Forthcoming Titles

Current Calls for Submissions

Future Projects

If you are interested in editing an anthology for BA, please look over the Editorial Contract. Email the Editor-in-Chief at to discuss your proposed project.

* All submissions must be the original work of the author – plagiarism is strongly frowned upon!
* Multiple submissions by the same author are fine.
* Material that has been published in other places is eligible, provided the author retains their copyright to the work.
* The author retains all rights to their work after publication.
*All artwork (color, black-and-white, photography, et cetera) must be 300dpi
* All submissions must be sent to the editors via e-mail.
* This project is maintained as a devotional exercise and is not-for-profit; contributors will be compensated with three at-cost copies of the volume to which they contributed. We can offer no financial recompense.

Please consider submitting your work to this important undertaking. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please see our bylaws, our conflict of interest policy, and our Board of Directors, as well as the permission to publish form. For further questions, email us at

One last thing: to make clear, we are not the Bibliotheca Alexandrina located in Alexandria, Egypt. They are a separate organization. Bibliotheca Alexandrina Incorporated is a federally-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.


The Editorial Board of Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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